The Walking Experiment

Posted on August 8, 2008. Filed under: Personal | Tags: , |

Anyways. So, in congruence with my desire to live a much more sustainable and green life (and because gas is skipping towards $4 a gallon) I’ve been walking to work.

And by to work, I mean “coffee shops” because how the am I supposed to get any work done at home? Despite the fact that I am a “work from home” mom. (With a lovely, supportive husband.)

And I mean, “work” as opposed to the myriad of challenging, let’s face it, thankless tasks such as cleaning, feeding child, cleaning, playing with child, cleaning, etc… Being a mom is a lot of work–but not work that pays and is appreciated in general society.


So, I’ve been walking to “work” and feeling very proud of myself. haha, look at me I think towards all of those carbon emitting cars being driven by much lazier folk than I. I am so awesome. Saving the world one step at a time. Plus, I’m exercising! Ha!


Then, after three days of this, I wake up with the worst headache I’ve had in a VERY long time. It was so bad that I spend most of the day whining pitifully while curled up in a ball.

Most of the times when I’m doing that–I had fun the night before. But noooooo…… This was just my smugness karma coming back and lodging itself right between C1 and C2.

One the haze of pain and nausea had cleared, I figured out that walking to work while hauling my HUGE and HEAVY computer/book/magazine/highlighter/random bits of crap bag had completely and totally winged out my neck.


I have a giant laptop, ok? It’s big. It’s bulky. It works–but only under protest.

So—gods damn it. What do I do? I’m walking to the closest coffee shop already and even with just the computer the bag is still too heavy.

It kind of looks like this to me–either I:

a) drive or

b) buy a new laptop.

Neither of which are very green things to do, since, technically my laptop is functioning just fine.

Not to mention just paid off.


How lame would it be to haul one of those wheeled suitcases around?


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