First coffee in three days

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So today was a day of high moments.


That looks funny.

What I mean to say is that, in addition to “No, I’m not smoking at work”, today has been filled with a couple of lovely happy “YAYAYAY” moments.

1. Amanda and I figured out how to get this one kind of super finicky wood floors not to streak.

It was SO exciting!

You’d think we’d just discovered a freaking cure for cancer.We were whooping and cheering and dancing around the clients home. Good thing we were by ourselves…. 

Granted, it invovled: a) vacuuming b) swiffereing c) mopping d) using this squeegie/microfiber piece of heaven device e) swiffering f) swiffering g) swiffering.


The floors looked *incredible*.

2. Ran into Crush Girl at WF and we set an offical date for coffee. 

3. Ran into Cubemate Bobby and he told me that he’s been reading this blog! I was stunned. And shocked and amazed. And so touched that, despite the fact that Johanna avoids writing blogs like the plauge, she told her friends about TFB! Aw…

4. Had a cappiciuno–first coffee in 3 days.

Which might explain the level of thrilled-ness surrounding these events.



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