The other vacation post

Posted on September 8, 2008. Filed under: Family, Personal, Relationships | Tags: , , |

This trip had it’s great moments. Like when a bit of Sedona lodged itself in my belly. Lazing around the pool with CJ, John and Johanna. Seeing my child for the first time after a blissful 8 day break. Reconnecting with an old friend over a plastic tub of Washington cherries. The satisfied feeling of sated blood lust after I helped CJ slaughter 6 people during a bloody round of paintball.

This was my first vacation with just John since our” honeymoon” four years ago. 

There’s nothing like real life to destroy the pleasure of living.

Or maybe it’s parenting.

(I think it’s a good thing I’m putting David on the waiting list for Habibi’s Hutch.)

Either way–actually being with John without David (in some form) for more than 3 hours for the first time since 2 months after we got married was….eye opening. Reassuring.

We’ve had a difficult year and it was really good to be reminded that, oh yeah—when I’m not going crazy with this whole parenting thing–I really like being a part of this couple.

Because being a couple and parenting are similar too, oh, I don’t know, playing paintball vs. fighting a war.

Except that it’s guerrilla warfare.


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