Coffee = smart choice

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I was thinking about doing some kind of meaninful, insightful, fabulous post about great customer service….

…and then even I fell asleep at the thought. *yawn*

Which since I’m up to my ears (which = progress as I’m not longer drowning) in school and the Urban Roots article would be bad.

Anyways, I cleaned for a new client today and I totally made some rookie mistakes… I mean, like, really stupid stuff like crumbs on the counter, didn’t use enough clean micros for dusting and missed some hair and mold in the bathroom.

I went back there and fixed everything (so sick of not having a/c! It’s like the 2nd level of hell in my little car…) and took an hour off of her invoice…which, kind of sucks, because other than the obvious mistakes–her place was reeeeeallly clean. Floors were perfect, rugs all shook out or vacuumed…. But, whatever.

I am a customer service goddess.

Moral of the story?

No more 8am cleans WITHOUT coffee!

I suppose I can just confirm my addition… Make it an honest, full blown relationship. I’m still dancing around with cigarettes… only one a week or so if I have a drink or three….but yeah. I’m sunk when it comes to thick, black, hot, fresh ground french pressed coffee…..

So. There’s my customer service story.

UM. Yeah. Nothing much else (interesting) going. Plenty of boring stuff. I could regale you with stories of TEC401: Human Factors in Technology, but that might push the sleep urges straight towards suicide.

Besides…I would hate to make any more people suffer because of this class. One person is plenty.

Although I bet John would beg to differ; I bet he thinks he is suffering just as much if not more.

I plead the fifth.


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