So what do you if your boss winds up in the ER?

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So I got a call at 5:34pm this past Sunday from my boss’s boyfriend informing me that she was desperately ill and was in the hospital.

What a week.

I have never been so extraordinarily glad that it is Friday.

It wasn’t as if I was jumping in to a smooth sailing business and taking over–no…….

The owner and the only other employee other than myself had both been very sick the week before. We had been hoping that they would both be up to speed so I could catch my breath (and not whatever they both had) and have enough people to meet client demands.

So things were already kind of tatters work wise

And I was hosting a dinner party that night at 6pm.

I think there’s some kind of cosmic curse on dinner parties.

You go into it thinking that it’s going to be so much fun and you end the evening by crawling into bed with a bottle of gin and wishing that the world would just hurry up and die.

I don’t even know what to say. This week has been some kind of out of body experience. I’ve been playing, running, walking, dancing, screaming my way through so many different roles.

I think the hardest part was watching a dear friend of mine lay on her couch in utter misery…and knowing there wasn’t a damn thing I could do.

Other than run her business that is.

I do have to say that, when dealing with irritated clients, saying that the owner has been in and out of the hospital is the best excuse ever.

Short of perhaps death, I suppose.

My boss is going to be out of commission for, god, a few more weeks at least–and then, get this–she won’t fully recover for three months.

Three freaking months.

I’m kind of just making this up as a I go. I have no real experience in what I’m doing. I mean–I’ve only spent $25,000 on an effing business degree–but I mean, it’s not like it’s given me anything practical or anything.

I can lead a team and judge the dynamics and everyone’s learning styles–but um, Quick books? Excel? Small business taxes and expense reports? I have no clue.

It’s kind of like high school—all high school does is delude you about real life and waste your time. I mean-seriously. Algebra? When has that ever helped me?

What about “Insurance 101: renters, car, and health”. Or “Personal Finances 202: Paying yourself first”. Or, god forbid, a communication class? 

I am so glad it’s Friday.


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