So this really angry guy screamed at me today

Posted on October 16, 2008. Filed under: Personal | Tags: , , , |

I know on some blog, or journal entry or list somewhere I’ve implied or, perhaps even lamented that no one has ever called me a bitch.

To my face that is—I have no idea what people have said in private.

I mean, the most that’s ever been said to my face was that I was acting “lawyer-y” one time.

Which, looking back is kind of cool. If I ever have a serious desire to kill my mental, emotional and physical health–as well as my social life, I plan on going to law school. Or med school.

But I never thought I’d get called (well, screamed at) a “fucking selfish bitch” over accidentally parking in a mislabled handicapped spot for five minutes.

I mean, if it had to happen could it have been over something, I don’t know…cooler? More exciting? When I was in the right? Maybe staving off a would be rapist or something. Or a kidnapper. Or keeping someone from kicking a puppy. God, anything else would have been fine.

Anyways, I completely agree with Johanna: people in Texas/most of the southwest have no idea how to express anger in a healthy way. And so, minor confrontations such as your neighbor asking you to end the loud party you’re having at 3am or someone parking in a mislabeled handicapped spot for five minutes becomes a way for people to express their deep seated abandonment issues.

At least for my incident there was only one person involved and he appeared to be sober. Bat shit crazy-but sober. (Sorry Jo!)

Anyway, the vicious verbal attack aside I have a soy chai and the rest of the day off.



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