A list

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A List:

1. Something I am very proud of is not having sex with my first “real” boyfriend. (Sorry, Z, “special friends” doesn’t count….) Despite his, ah, “asking”. And by “asking” I mean “begging”. Which, considering how well he did other stuff (“Are you close?” “Close to what?”), is definitely a good thing. Lord. We probably wouldn’t have used condoms and, I have to say, I’m so glad I waited to have my teenage baby with John. Although, it would have served my parents right if my first boyfriend (he was a tattooed, pierced musician. Yes, I know, so cliche.) had gotten me pregnant.

But, still, like I said, I’m really proud I said no, because would have been a horrible decision on many levels. But, I was “in love” and thought he was really hot.

2. I can’t decide if I want to have another baby.

Yeah, we’ll come back to that one…..

3. I love to watch Thomas The Tank Engine with David after having a few drinks. It is so much fun. And yes, I realize that this is fairly pathetic. And possibly raises a few questions about my parenting skills. But really, how else am I going to handle Thomas the Tank Engine? And it really is fun to chill with David and watch a movie. He is the most enthusiastic movie watcher I’ve ever met. Johanna and I have spent an entire Saturday night sober watching

Thomas with David. It is GREAT. (And for the record, Percy? So totally gay.) (And Jo actually does have a life–she was just taking pity on me. And I had bought the thai food that night, so the entertainment was my choice

4. I have never actually acted on a crush. I can be totally fine and normal if I don’t actually like the guy. But, given that I married so young, and wasn’t you know, allowed to date (Because Courtship is God’s way), that might have changed with time….?

5. My cousin took me and two of my girl friends to my senior prom.

I like to comfort myself by thinking that, if I hadn’t been homeschooled during the Josh Harris era, I  might have been at least asked by one guy. (Although, at my first prom, the hottest guy in there asked me to dance during my favorite love song. It was like a movie. And–true story–then my mom interupted us. It still actually hurts to this day.)


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