Why are some Christians so obsessed with Gay Marriage?

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You know, I really get the whole conservative fervor over abortion.

I mean, it’s hard to come up with a more emotionally charged topic than “baby killing”.

Personally, I think that if the Conservatives wanted to actually reduce the number of abortions preformed, they are going about entirely wrong. 

I really don’t get is the their obsession over gay marriage/gay rights/gay sex.

Actually, that’s wrong.

I don’t get their issue with homosexuals. It’s not about “preserving the sanctity of the family”–they are allowing fear of the unknown and different to turn into single minded predjudice and bigotry. A government that discriminates against a group of people based on their personal, sexual choices is exactly the same as a government discriminating against a group of people based on their skin color or religion.  I feel that the Conservative push to prevent real people basic, human rights based on their personal sexual choices to be completely baffling.

What people do sexually and who they choose to do it with (as long as the person is a consenting adult) is no one’s business but their own.  To deny the same legal benefits and protections that marriage provides to people make sexual decisions that disagree with your own, personal religious beliefs is, in a word, wrong.

The bible says homosexuality is a sin….specifically between men—heard some interesting view points on sex between women, but again not the point.

I mean, so what?

All that means is that if you’re a Christian–don’t sleep with someone of the same gender. It does not mean “go and persecute anyone who doesn’t live exactly the same way as you”.

And really, considering everything else that’s going on this country; all of the starving, malnourished children, the rampant, underground growing industry of selling children into sexual slavery, the sick people who can’t afford to get help—and the Christian political might decided to focus on whether or not people who are gay can get married.

What about how 25% of foster children (who’s mother’s did the right thing and didn’t have abortions! Yay!) who are going to end up on the streets when the turn 18?

Where’s the religious fervor and concern over the children we have right now in this country who are suffering, hungry, lost and dying?

What about stuff like that?

As I recall, Jesus focused on helping ‘sinners’. 

I just don’t think that telling other grown adults what to do with other grown adults is nearly as important as trying to figure out a way to take care of the hungry, the sick and the homeless. And when an organized religion is known primarily for

a) being Republican

b) being anti-choice


c) being intensely anti-homosexual

I think it gives Jesus and everything he taught a horrible name. He took care of the ‘sinners’, the poor, the sick and he stood against the established religion of the time. 

And I know that there are so many Christians and churches reaching out to their communities and making a very real, needed difference in the world. However, I think that the major discrepency between acting on what they are teaching shows in the politic focus that the majority of Christians have. 

If the modern, evangelical Christian church put the amount of energy and organization and money they’ve put into ending poverty and hunger and social an injustice that they have put into electing officials that support the Big Christian Two Issues-abortion and homosexuality- the results, the actual life altering change and lessoning of suffering would be staggering.


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5 Responses to “Why are some Christians so obsessed with Gay Marriage?”

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Only because I’m limited on time, one of the reasons we care so much about abortion is that worldwide there have been so many many abortions performed and although numbers vary depending on who you ask, there are over 3000 abortions performed daily. Since 1973 the total would be close to 50 million. Maybe it isn’t that big of a deal, but tell me, how blessed are you that you weren’t one of them?


When I said daily, I was speaking in terms of only the United States.

I agree with you 100%…

UM, hi there? My blog wasn’t about abortion–it was about gay marriage. I welcome all opinions as long as they are respectfully conveyed–but dude, respond to my blog.

And hi Knucchi–do you agree with me or Brian?

Im with you Brian, its crazy how many abortions are performed. Like America has so much room for them to be born and live here. Its China and India that should increase there abortion statistics, they are way overcrowded. I mean really who would be blessed to be born in a starving, overcrowded, godless place like those. Keep up the good work.

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