Who knew that Christmas card were so much work?

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Wow. I had no idea putting together Christmas cards was going to be such a hassel.

I also didn’t think that I would enjoy it quite so much. However, I wasn’t expecting my light, fun idea of ‘Oh, I’ll just dash out a bunch of thoughtful, lovely greeting cards and still have time to do my nails’ to turn into a week long extravaganza of writing a newsletter, scrounging around for addresses and debating between the $8.99 box of 50 not recycled cards and $10.99 box of 12 recycled cards.

Anyways, other fall/Holiday happenings. In one week I made and canned pumpkin butter, deep cleaned my house, cooked every night and started this whole Christmas card thing.

I haven’t been so domestic since I was nesting while pregnant with David–and even then, I couldn’t do very much because, yeah. Eight months pregnant is not very conducive to anything but chocolate eating whale imitations.

I’m trying to do Christmas cards (because it’s all about relationships) and so far, I’ve probably spent a good five hours on them and about $50. And it will be more after stamps and printing out photos.

I mean, who would have thought?

You see, this is why people don’t appreciate stay at home parents and managers. All this stuff that we do, the end product looks as though it was really easy, and end in the end, pointless. (Christmas card? Eh, who cares, right?) But it’s all so unbelievably time consuming. I mean–I’m really enjoying myself–but seriously? I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so consuming. I could be doing something else, something important…

The only thing I came up with was “school”, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

Talk about time consuming, pointless and expensive.

I went out with my working girls this weekend. It ’twas supposed to be a “work happy hour” because Lyndsey and I both had sitters and we needed to talk about the seminar, but then “Happy hour” turned into “meeting at 8” and it sort of evolved into a night of debauchery-like fun.

(I prefer my fun over ice with a side of debauchery…and a cigarette.)

Even though Amanda and I were up at 7:30 running around like very tired morons to get the seminar ready, it was still so worth it. Every couple of months I need to put some make up on and wear my cfm boots and have a good time. But, thankfully, the seminar went extremely well considering that we kind of pulled it out of thin air after three hours of sleep.

I bought an angel food cake pan and I am contemplating baking a cake and some pumpkin bread and possibly making some hot chocolate, ripping my to-do list to SHREDS and curling up with a book.

Yes. I think that sounds really good.


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