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I’m discovering that I sort of hate pretentious artistic types.

I’m not talking about real artists.

Not that real artists can’t be pretentious, but it’s different.

I have a lot of artistic friends (painters, musicians, photographers—lots of photographers) and they just can’t help themselves. They have to be artistic or their brains will freaking explode.

Me? I’m a writer.

And I’m not a Writer…as in…”I write, THEREFORE I AM.” I just like to write. I think it’s cool. And because I have so many communications issues that if I don’t say what I’m thinking in some way or another I’ll bust my spleen.

But yeah—pretentious writers are the worst. If I ever start to sound pretentious and arrogant, someone please tell me, because how annoying would that be? They just take themselves so seriously. I’ve seen the real deal—real artists don’t need to have such a crazed self involved melodrama with all of their different selves—they just are. 

Or they at least still create despite the melodrama.

Not to imply that my artist friends don’t have drama. They just seem to still produce their art in a fairly matter of fact “I must do this, this is who I am” kind of way.

Now, whether or not they get paid for their art-that’s another story.

I don’t think I want to think about my issues with this being in any way a reflection how I am about my writing, because if I am an insecure, neurotic self involved writer, well, I think I”ll have just take a flying leap off the Lamar bridge or something.

(And then write about it of course… Haha.)

I’m taking this advanced creative writing class and it just seems so freaking serious. It’s all about honing ‘The Craft’ of writing. And writing plays and Shakespearian sonnets and shit.

I suppose it will challenge me and make me a better writer in the areas I want to focus on–mainly prose and incredible fiction with absolutely NO redeeming value whatsoever–but I guess I feel incredibly stupid trying to write a serious play.

Serious plays are the worst. God.

So, in response I think I will have to make all of my writing ridiculous or about sex or, well, I think something bad might happen.


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