I'm making yogurt

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…and drinking a bloody mary.

I’m feeling extremely torn between having a second one or perhaps doing some school this evening.

Haha. Yeah, I think we all know what I’ll choose.

(Another haha–be warned, very random.) You know what? I’m too depressed to pay my student loans. I should get a bail out…. Blah Blah.

Anyways. So the vegetarianism didn’t really fly in Phoenix. There was a spectacular crash landing involving the Christmas ham. (mmmmmmm…..)

So I’m trying, now that I’m back, to be an ALMOST vegetarian. It has to count for something! Cutting back my meat intake to once or twice a month has to make a pretty large impact on my carbon out put.

Like I said. I’m making yogurt (yes for reals) and getting ready to pour myself another bloody mary (Titos vodka is yummy. Leave it to Texas to have the best local beef and booze) and do some mass cooking (I just cleaned the kitchen, SO OF COURSE I have to mess it up again) and get bat shit crazy and maybe unpack our 18 million bags.

I wish I was kidding.

About the 18 million–not the bat shit crazy.

There is an entire bag of my shoes.


(There might have been a purse in there too.)

I think John might use that as grounds for divorce.

Anyways. Vacay was crazy. And good. And bad. And about every other single emotion under the sun. Talk about an intense trip. We went from

-our first Christmas (we being me and John) at my parents house (my dad conveniently forgetting how the last time John came to the house to pick up David he was refused entrance)

-to a 12 hour road trip to CO with the Godfather

-to sexual assault (I am so sick of drunk misogynists)

-to an all out brawl in the street

-to John meeting his guardian angel on Copper Mountain

-to me meeting a very nice rescue lady named Kay and her kick ass toboggan after my racing skis got the best of me

-to a car accident

-to my first and last sub zero bus ride

-to hot springs

-to finding out my parents are divorcing and………. yeah.

Going to go get that bloody mary.


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