Yogurt situation = EPIC FAIL

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You know what’s really irritating about World of Warcraft (other than it’s existence)?

How the stupid game rubs off on people who don’t even care!

Although the term “epic fail” is pretty funny.

And ok, fine. I laughed at “Leeeeerrrrrrooooooy Jeeeeennnnnkkkkkinnnns” too. 

Normally, when things go as wrong at the Yogurt Incident did (not only did one batch not set, the second batch didn’t set either and it spilled and so now I have a gallon of frozen milk all over my just re-organized freezer) I….

….Hmm. I don’t know what I normally do. I suppose, normally, I feel like a failure and drink or I manically go for it a second/third/fourth time and fail even more spectacularly and then pass out feeling frustrated and cranky. (I know, awesome, right?)

But this time—I mean, it’s yogurt. If I can’t make yogurt (despite the innate cool factor of homemade yogurt) it’s really not that big of a deal. I’ll just move on to something like butter. (Which I’m working on right now. MMMM. Saturated fat!)

Ok fine. Maybe I’ll try again. It’s just that I thought I really had it this time! Maybe it just needs to set longer….and maybe I need a different brand of yogurt for the starter. Who knows. It’s yogurt.

All of the how to websites in addition to Laurell’s Kitchen assured me that making yogurt was easy and would save me money and give me the smug glow of a woman who is so green, economical and healthy that she makes super healthy yogurt for her kid for just pennies. 


*editors note* Butter experiment also failed. Giving up homemade cooking challenges for now.


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