Being a mother feels like the most unappreciated job in the world sometimes

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Oh yes. It wasn’t enough that he loves “Christmas” and “Gracie” (my in law’s dog)—BUT NOW HE LOVES POOPY AND PEE-PEE.

I was changing his diaper and he was just all, sing song-y… “I love poopy, I love pee-pee, poopy, pee-pee!”

I’m glad my child is displaying signs of having a healthy body image, but where is the love for mommy? Where is the ‘I love you mommy!’?

I get the whole Christmas thing–of course you love the day were you get to eat candy and you recieve 18 million fabulous toys. And I get the dog too–she LOVES you and always wants to play.

I understood that love to a toddler means: give me toys and your undivided attention ALL DAY LONG.

But what the hell is up with the poopy/pee-pee?

I hate potty training.

I can’t believe I went through twelve hours of unmedicated labor to have my child choose to say he loves his own shit before he says “I love you mama!”

*bangs head on table*


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