I didn’t even have any coffee today/Original Facebook captions post

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This is getting ridiculous. I am so hopped up on….crazy life stuff  that I have, in addition to frantically texting every single person I know non-stop– I have been updating my facebook thing every three seconds.

Which, ok, fine, I know is really lame. Especially when I have to do school. I mean, really? If I’m going to put so much energy into procrastinating I ought to read Sunshine or watch tv or something fun at least.

So I’ve come up with a solution that is going to allow me to salvage some dignity–but will still let the crazy energy to flow through me into the world…… Ah!

(oh and it’s hot today. I mean, I should have worn a tank top, shorts and sandals kind of warm. I was trying to ground the crazy by taking a walk and it didn’t work. Why am I against abusing behavioral medication? Because from what I hear adderol would probably be a bit more effective in helping me get my freaking homework done than the flower essences I’m taking)

Ok–here you go. Facebook Captions I am refraining from posting:

Facebook captions:

1.Melissa is loosing weight. And she knows who to blame.

2. Melissa is remembering some of the weird reasons it sucks to give up coffee. 

3. Melissa is pretending to not notice David oh so quietly wrecking havoc.

4. Melissa is planning on having a special celebratory tea tomorrow with Johanna! Hurray for scones and new jobs!

5. Melissa wishes she was watching the super bowl and eating queso.

6. Melissa thinks it is very soothing to write about ones self in the third person.

7. Melissa feels like she has some kind of hyperactivity/attention deficit disorder which really strange because normally she is so even keeled. And calm. Always so very very very very calm.

8. Melissa doesn’t understand why everyone thinks Death Cab for Cutie is so depressing. Maybe she needs to listen to their earlier stuff, but contrary to a friend’s question, no she didn’ t feel like hanging herself after an evening spent with their music and a flask.

9. Melissa is mildy concerned that she talks about alcohol too much.

10. Melissa thinks that APA style is dumb.

11. Melissa was very amused to see the remains of Carnivale all around the convention center but was sad she didn’t see any underwear. Bits of costumes, but no panties. Maybe it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

12. Melissa thought that Lindsay and Jay looked smoking hot last night on their way to Carnivale. She was also extremely thrilled to walk home with a lipstick kiss mark on her cheek.

13. Melissa thinks that mimeis is STUPID. And might have broken her brain.

14. Melissa is enjoying having her apartment to her self.

15. Melissa is enjoying the silence. REALLY.

16. Melissa can’t listen to oasis for one single second longer.

17. Melissa is going to listen to Flyleaf instead.

18. Melissa’s speakers aren’t good enough for anrgy girl rock.

19. Melissa is irritated with THE WORLD.

20. Melissa thinks that, perhaps, flyleaf is not the best music for her right now.

21. Melissa thinks that, perhaps, Wipe Out II sounds suspisciously close to “Ow My Balls.”

22. Melissa thinks that Gofugyourself.com is the best thing in the ENTIRE world.

*bangs head against key board*


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