“God hates tiny, fuzzy kittens.”

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People who read my blog, (and who are you, btw? I know of two people who read it regularly and I’m really rather curious.) I have a gift for you. A beautiful, lovely, amazing fabulous gift….a gift that will keep on giving, and giving and giving and giving.

I really just think I died and went to heaven.

If I knew who that guy was in the picture–I WOULD KISS HIM.

Well, maybe not. *gross* But still. My heart overflows with  mirth and joy and more mirth…. I mean, the whole visual arts thing really just…passes me by. My (lack of) photography skills are somewhat legendary in my family. “What? Melissa, put the camera down! SHARON WE NEED YOU!” So I’ve always been a bit in awe of good photographers and such, since I apparently need to learn humility in my life, have attracted a great many amazing ones into my life. But this—this I could do.

I just need to start going to more protests, I suppose.

Jo? Should the next Red Pen of Justice meeting step out of our editorial arena and bring justice to ridiculous protests? Me with the sign, you with the camera? Come on lady–you need an outlet for your viscious mocking powers….. I mean unless you want to go to NY and search our your own personal, um, satan.

(Random note: I just really really love seeing sides of people that don’t normally show…or that seem out of character? Or at least different from the image of them I’ve built in my  head. So last week I was reminded that Jo is a freaking badass. We were in the kitchen doing some mass cooking and since mass cooking HAS to be accompanied by red wine–we were fairly giddy. Anyways, we were ex-boyfriend bashing when all of sudden she’s like “Missy, do you want to see a picture of the girl I would fight to the death if we ever met on the street?” And it was awesome. Seriously–the girl looked like one of Satans minions…which kind of fits because she is a NYC lawyer. And Jo’s old roommate, which just goes to show that the quickest way to get to know someone/hate them is to be their roommate.)(CJ I love you!)

(I am sure that Jo would kick this girls scrawny ass all the way to um, somewhere.)

(I am not a bad ass. I have illusions/delusions/imaginations that, if I needed too, I would Happy Gilmore a wine bottle and have at it–but I think in actuality there would be vomiting. And possible faintness. For the most part, any anger I’ve actively expressed was a cover up for the shaking.)(Fuck, maybe I should take some more self-defense classes….)

Speaking of shaking. I am going to go to the open mic tonight.

By myself.

I don’t know where this comes from–because I am usually a really good public speaker and I was slamming in Phoenix and loved it. I don’t know why this is so freaking hard right now, but I am freaking intimidated by the crowd at the coffeeshop I’ve been going to. Most of them are really really really good–and I’m still a bit (ok, fine, a total) newbie.

I’m going to blame the ridiculous lights for my last performance….but yeah. I doubt that tonight will be much better.

I suppose the point is that I am a) doing it and b) learning (once again–WHEN WILL THIS LESSON BE OVER?) to not give a shit what people think about me. Because–really, I doubt anyone at the open mic cares all that much. They don’t know me. And they probably don’t have a huge emotional attachement to me or my poetry–so why I am freaking the fuck out? Because I kind of am.

Maybe I should bring a flask.

However, I could see that particular idea backfiring.



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please do head to a protest! i’d love to get a pic of some awesome signage.

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