"We have to stop incentiving evil!"

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–Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

Oh my god.

I had a full, sweet, delicious, beautiful, sacred, sparkly, AMAZING nights sleep last night.


And I just had a cup of coffee with Paul, the ad guy from Rare.

Life is freaking good…..

And–I took a hot shower last night! With the lights on! AND–it didn’t sound like a cat was being tortured!

Ah, modern marvels… God, I really really really feel bad for the poor soul who gets suckered into taking my old apartment. I mean, seriously, the tub hadn’t drained for a year and when you turn the shower on—it seriously sounds like some kind of medieval torture chamber.  Oh,  AND–you have to precisely set the cold/hot water knobs if you wanted even a CHANCE of getting moderately comfortable water. Add to that how the light circuit was out in the bathroom and you have the perfect stage for a zany comedy. Which is cool, unless you’re trying to have a real life.

I can’t even begin to describe how lovely it was last night… Ah.

And, I mean, I was taking the cold showers (unlike other people I was living with-Wimps!) but I never felt clean. And my hair was all whacked out from the cold water… Arg!

Now, with internet on Thursday and my room mostly unpacked….life might actually be close to returning to normal.

But better.

Why? you might be asking.

I will tell you why. My last two CLEPs are scheduled and as of May 6th, 2009 I WILL BE DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER.

(Not done learning, mind you–just with school. College isn’t about learning per se…it’s more about a very expensive piece of paper. I am going to learn spanish this year and take some history and art classes and read books…. So lovely!)

I mean….wow, there aren’t even words! There aren’t! The sheer relief and joy this brings me is, at the moment, inexpressible!

Anyways–I am supposed to be working… I want to be working, but the lure of the internet is much too great…

I will be back to my usual (and hopefully some unusal) antics on or around Thursday.


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