Dolling up + poem

Posted on April 15, 2009. Filed under: General Musings |

Today was one of those Tao days….sometimes it is lovely to exist.

Going to go take a bath and shave and do my hair and put on a little make up and a cute dress and heels and go out tonight!

I have a…suspicion that L might cancel on me…but since we’re meeting at Ruta, I know I will have a good time either way.

Bought my first frappicino in, God, almost three years. I had a panicky moment this morning and I was texting Jo various versions of “talk me off the ledge…I’m about to make a really dumb decision” and “dumb decision avoided—want tequila.”

She suggested chocolate instead, so, I mean, what’s a girl to do?


Anyways, David is napping, I’m done with work, the JC’s are on their way to go pick up our “new” couch and chair—which, btw, I am thrilled about!! *dances*

Second living room coming together so well! Divine provides.

There are sunflowers on my kitchen table, I’m drinking tea from my nice china and I have plans to make cheesy/bacony/cauliflower rather soon.

Tomorrow is my day to write….and I feel so blessed.

Oh–it was kind of interesting today. I was cleaning this afternoon and there was breast self exam card in the woman’s shower and I was thinking, “hmm, do I need to get one of those? Nah… I’m really healthy and still pretty young…”

And then I kind of went off on this internal tangent, of what if I suddenly discovered that I had terminal breast cancer….what would I do?

The only things that I found clarity on were:

1. Grow a garden
2. Spend ALOT of time with David.
3. Put my last bit of energy and effort into kick starting and creating a plan for Taos. (Long story.)
4. Be alone alot.

Kind of, you know, Lifetimey cliche—live your life as if you knew you were dying….but I really couldn’t think of too much else that I would change in my life. Other than the list, I would want to visit my family, definitely spend a month in Hawaii with Christy and John and I would go dancing at least once a week.

But I mean–those are things that I’m doing/planning on doing anyways. Although…. I do need to/want to start including more spirit in my life. Haven’t been going to church, need to down load Jim’s sermons…start mediating/magicking again.

Anyways, ok, monster is up. Hope you all are fabulous…I’m going to ply my child with juice and cheese and go take a gorgeous hot shower…. Mmmm….


Clear the mud from my mind
let clarity run through me like water down a stream…around the river stone blocks
from my unconscious mind
or fate deciding lessons and
personal self sabotage
Wash away the fear, the anxiety
Let me breathe
Let me live
Let me love
Let me…
savor the gifts laying around my home
under my nose and
in the corners of my eyes

Let me



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