So help me god I will have a good time tonight!

Posted on April 16, 2009. Filed under: General Musings |

1. intense therapy session.
2. J freaking out because I did not want to talk about intense therapy session.
3. exhausted, hungry, but cleaned to get over intense therapy session.
4. Pizza baking, blood sugar low, find out that a) I have to handle paying/filing all of our taxes last minute (because normally John handles the taxes) b) that we owe for the first time ever c) my full time employee might have a hernia.
5. David simultaneously melts down.

I suppose, on paper, this doesn’t look like that much, but I kind of wanted to shoot something in the moment.

Anyways–tonight is Milo’s 2nd birthday and I am going to have a good time. Our taxes are filed, I am dropping off a check for a partial payment in the mail, we will work out a payment plan and well, if Bill does have a hernia, the schedule isn’t crazy full right now, so that will be survivable.

Shitty, unbelievably shitty (for both parties), but doable on my end anyways.


I’m trying this thing where I don’t whine and bitch as much to the people in my life, so that leaves you, anonymous reading public. And, you know, I know Joy wouldn’t mind if vented–but it’s her kid’s birthday…and I mean, perspective wise—I have a good job, we will be able to pay off these taxes….and yeah. Things are good.

Ok. Deep breathe. Toddler party time….


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