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(Translation: HOLY SHIT)

(Jo, if this happens to be the ONE blog of mine you read—I LOVE YOU. ūüôā

So apparently, my lesson this month is about having a realistic view of myself and my abilities.

And. so we’re learning what happens when I don’t have a clear grasp on reality and the word ‘yes’ comes out of my mouth far to often.

“Why, sure I can work extra cleaning hours this week while I’m training someone new and doing everything else that my job entails.”

“Why, sure I can do dishes at church tomorrow… I mean, I haven’t been to church in a month and it’s a 20 minute drive and the childcare closes before I’m done and I have a¬† three year old and Sunday’s are the only days I have completely off with John and I have¬† a paper due tomorrow and I’m leaving for The Place of Despair on Tuesday and….. and…….”

Things really aren’t too bad. I’ve been getting a lot better about setting good boundaries and protecting my emotional and mental health. (And, I refuse to feel guilty about it! You hear that? I REFUSE! Our society has such an unrealistic view about how much women are supposed to be able to accomplish. I mean, I am ¬†supposed to be able to: Work a full time job, go to school full time, cook, clean, do other householdy stuff AND have a three year old while my partner works HIS full time job. Which is just crazy. And impossible. ….and anyone who looks at my bathroom can completely confirm this. Anyways.) (more…)

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A list

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A List:

1. Something I am very proud of is not having sex with my first “real” boyfriend. (Sorry, Z, “special friends” doesn’t count….) Despite his, ah, “asking”. And by “asking” I mean “begging”. Which, considering how well he did other stuff (“Are you close?” “Close to what?”), is definitely a good thing. Lord. We probably wouldn’t have used condoms and, I have to say, I’m so glad I waited to have my teenage baby with John. Although, it would have served my parents right if my first boyfriend (he was a tattooed, pierced musician. Yes, I know, so cliche.) had gotten me pregnant.

But, still, like I said, I’m really proud I said no, because would have been a horrible decision on many¬†levels. But, I was “in love” and thought he was really hot. (more…)

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One of those communication posts

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John and I have been working out boundaries over the past few months.

I mean–obviously. Two whole human beings being in a relationship is kind of a recipe for conflict.

Anyways—I hate to sound all ooey and gooey (especially because I wanted to throttle him yesterday. And throw things. Or at the very least yell. A lot.)¬† but he’s pretty awesome.

No seriously.

I’ve never really been able to set very healthy boundaries. By the time the idea occurred to me that…Oh, what? I don’t have to let people treat me however they want too?…I was pretty far gone down the path of niceness, I guess, and I had a lot of rage and resentment built up, so a lot of the first boundaries I set involved….heat. Yelling. Abruptness. (“Hi, mom, I’m engaged. What’s that? Yes, yes, I know that you didn’t know I was dating this guy… Hmm…courtship? yeah, I kind of decided to not do that. What? I sent out a memo.) (more…)

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