Why are some Christians so obsessed with Gay Marriage?

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You know, I really get the whole conservative fervor over abortion.

I mean, it’s hard to come up with a more emotionally charged topic than “baby killing”.

Personally, I think that if the Conservatives wanted to actually reduce the number of abortions preformed, they are going about entirely wrong. 

I really don’t get is the their obsession over gay marriage/gay rights/gay sex.

Actually, that’s wrong.

I don’t get their issue with homosexuals. It’s not about “preserving the sanctity of the family”–they are allowing fear of the unknown and different to turn into single minded predjudice and bigotry. A government that discriminates against a group of people based on their personal, sexual choices is exactly the same as a government discriminating against a group of people based on their skin color or religion. (more…)

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A post about dating

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So, I wanted to start this post off by whining about how I’ve never, actually been on a real date.

And then I remembered two lovely times (there were eggrolls and scones)—when I had. Been on dates, I mean.

Granted, I was still doing the whole “dating is the eighth deadliest sin” and still was trying to make myself believe that I was really on board with the whole “letting my parents (dad) PICK MY HUSBAND” thing.

Anyways–where was I? Oh yes. Having only been on two real dates… (that I can recall….if any of my spurned lovers want to remind me of ones I’ve missed–that’s fine.)

(Spurned? Who am I kidding? They’ve all dumped me……..Well. Other than this one guy–but again, we weren’t even really “dating”, so it doesn’t count. Although, he was the first one to send me a really long, angsty broken hearted letter, which, seeing as I sent many of those to the guys who’ve dumped me–it was an eye opening experience.)

I feel that I have missed a lot in the romance/men department.

Enter: PANIC! Because nothing says “romance” like four years of being in a committed relationship that has produced a three year old.


Well, to be fair–there’s pleny of sexy.

But, as I’ve heard it said before….”The whole point of having a girlfriend is effortless sex!”

Toss in someone to clean the house and wow, that sounds a lot like marriage.

And, ok—that’s not fair, because John is an incredible, wonderful partner. I could not ask for a more perfectforme person to be in a committed relationship with….to have chosen to built a family with.

But when the only person who’s given you roses in more than a year is your dear friend’s boyfriend as a thank you for having them over for (a slightly traumatizing vegetarian) dinner?

That’s a problem for me.

Also a problem? Trying to communicate that at 2:30 am after the Saturday night dinner party wine is still at the table. (more…)

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