Who honks at people walking on the sidewalk?

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I was planing a super indignant post….until I saw the tank top I was wearing while I was walking down said street.

I met up with Jo and Lindsay, and Lindsay had a sack of clothes for me (who needs to buy new???) and so I, of course, had to put on the cutest halter top in the bag….and now that I’m home, I realize that the top is indeed cut down to my zyphoid process—but what the hell? I had a stroller and pants that fit me about as well as a sack of flour (although, I actually tried to wear a sack of flour one time for a futuristic costume party, assuming that the future was Armageddon like–and sack of flour did not cover hips, so bad example)—and all of these assholes are still all like, honking and “hey hot ladies” and such.


So yes, normally I just ignore such ridiculous, juvenile, hostile and potentially dangerous behavior because I assume, that like dogs and toddlers, these people just want attention.

But I was in a bad mood to begin with and had consumed a couple (seriously! Two!) happy hour margaritas….and was just flipping out…literally. The second time I flipped off a car driving past and screamed “Fuck you!” at them, Johanna was like, “Dude–wow, you’re pissed!” And I had to concur. Assholes.

Anyways, yes.

(So what does it say that I feel like I sort of…deserved the sexual objectification because I was wearing a shirt that accentuated my breasts?)

(I hate America sometimes. I hate that we live in a society that is ok with breasts being bared for sex and movies and marketing BUT NOT FOR FEEDING BABIES.)

I don’t why I keep on being surprised we live in a femine hating, mysoginistic society. I suppose I surround myself with people who actually care about treating other human beings with respect…that it comes as such a shock sometimes.

Cheers to all of the men in my life who don’t treat women like sides of meat. May you inspire others.

I am going to go put my soon to be woman respecting son to bed…and have a beer. Happy Friday!

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