Why are some Christians so obsessed with Gay Marriage?

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You know, I really get the whole conservative fervor over abortion.

I mean, it’s hard to come up with a more emotionally charged topic than “baby killing”.

Personally, I think that if the Conservatives wanted to actually reduce the number of abortions preformed, they are going about entirely wrong. 

I really don’t get is the their obsession over gay marriage/gay rights/gay sex.

Actually, that’s wrong.

I don’t get their issue with homosexuals. It’s not about “preserving the sanctity of the family”–they are allowing fear of the unknown and different to turn into single minded predjudice and bigotry. A government that discriminates against a group of people based on their personal, sexual choices is exactly the same as a government discriminating against a group of people based on their skin color or religion. (more…)

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So I was in this wedding

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(I wrote this blog while I was on vacation a few months ago… Bliss…)

So yes. I must keep this blog short, given that, *technically* I am on vacation (with a capitol V) right now.

But I just have rant/process/explain/vent/discuss the wedding I was just in.

First off–any regrets I had about eloping are 99.99999999999999% gone.

There were several lovely, beautiful moments at my friend’s wedding that I do regret not experiencing.

The dress, definitely.

Having all of my friends around me.

The champagne toasts.

But that’s it.

Becky–your wedding was lovely and gorgeous and I am so unbelievably happy for you.

But you couldn’t *pay* me to go through that again. And I wasn’t even the bride!

The dress was stupendously hot. I thought John was going to toss me over his shoulder and have his way out with me out in the bushes. Which, while the theory is very sexy, the dress was so uncomfortable that it probably wouldn’t have been much fun. 

Plus, it was raining.

Anyways. I know that I have been growing and changing as a person and that my belief systems has overgone a radical overhaul. I know that.

I just didn’t know how much until I has this electrifying, crystal clear vision of beating a pine tree with my bouquet during the wedding ceremony. (more…)

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