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*sigh* It’s like a DISEASE. Or an addiction. I DON’T WANT IT TO STOP.

1. …loves Iron and Wine. So peaceful here at Irie Bean.

2. …has three cell phones in her purse. She thinks this might be a sign that she needs to re-think her life.

3. …now has three laptops circling around her. Like vultures. Wanting to suck the life essence from her bones. 

4. wants to know why the hell the A/C is on at Irie when it’s cool and pouring rain outside. 

5. is very happy her mom is here! *dances* And not just because her mom insists on cooking, cleaning, babysitting/playing with David because, despite this being her vacation, she doesn’t know how sit still. 

6. is worried about there being a death curse on Purple Fig. Bill’s out with a hernia, Amanda wiped out on the scooter….and now there is a dangerous thunderstorm raging out side. HMMM. Is she NEXT?

….ok, ok. I will go back to work. It all worked out with my morning client schedule mishap, so I might as well take advantage of this unexpected opportunity to not work this weekend. 

Oh, on a side note, I did end up getting some tequila the other night. Ha! Toddler birthday parties are AWESOME. 

What’s even better? Doing shots with said toddler’s grandpa. How cool is that?

(I realize that I sound like a horrifying, awful parent right now—but if you think about it, who else in the world needs a fortifying dose of Don Edurado than the mothers of tiny, ravaging monsters?)

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Pet sitting/boundaries/stress/self care/flirting

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(Translation: HOLY SHIT)

(Jo, if this happens to be the ONE blog of mine you read—I LOVE YOU. 🙂

So apparently, my lesson this month is about having a realistic view of myself and my abilities.

And. so we’re learning what happens when I don’t have a clear grasp on reality and the word ‘yes’ comes out of my mouth far to often.

“Why, sure I can work extra cleaning hours this week while I’m training someone new and doing everything else that my job entails.”

“Why, sure I can do dishes at church tomorrow… I mean, I haven’t been to church in a month and it’s a 20 minute drive and the childcare closes before I’m done and I have a  three year old and Sunday’s are the only days I have completely off with John and I have  a paper due tomorrow and I’m leaving for The Place of Despair on Tuesday and….. and…….”

Things really aren’t too bad. I’ve been getting a lot better about setting good boundaries and protecting my emotional and mental health. (And, I refuse to feel guilty about it! You hear that? I REFUSE! Our society has such an unrealistic view about how much women are supposed to be able to accomplish. I mean, I am  supposed to be able to: Work a full time job, go to school full time, cook, clean, do other householdy stuff AND have a three year old while my partner works HIS full time job. Which is just crazy. And impossible. ….and anyone who looks at my bathroom can completely confirm this. Anyways.) (more…)

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Who knew that Christmas card were so much work?

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Wow. I had no idea putting together Christmas cards was going to be such a hassel.

I also didn’t think that I would enjoy it quite so much. However, I wasn’t expecting my light, fun idea of ‘Oh, I’ll just dash out a bunch of thoughtful, lovely greeting cards and still have time to do my nails’ to turn into a week long extravaganza of writing a newsletter, scrounging around for addresses and debating between the $8.99 box of 50 not recycled cards and $10.99 box of 12 recycled cards.

Anyways, other fall/Holiday happenings. In one week I made and canned pumpkin butter, deep cleaned my house, cooked every night and started this whole Christmas card thing.

I haven’t been so domestic since I was nesting while pregnant with David–and even then, I couldn’t do very much because, yeah. Eight months pregnant is not very conducive to anything but chocolate eating whale imitations. (more…)

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A list

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A List:

1. Something I am very proud of is not having sex with my first “real” boyfriend. (Sorry, Z, “special friends” doesn’t count….) Despite his, ah, “asking”. And by “asking” I mean “begging”. Which, considering how well he did other stuff (“Are you close?” “Close to what?”), is definitely a good thing. Lord. We probably wouldn’t have used condoms and, I have to say, I’m so glad I waited to have my teenage baby with John. Although, it would have served my parents right if my first boyfriend (he was a tattooed, pierced musician. Yes, I know, so cliche.) had gotten me pregnant.

But, still, like I said, I’m really proud I said no, because would have been a horrible decision on many levels. But, I was “in love” and thought he was really hot. (more…)

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Day without coffee #8

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(I was a very naughty girl and drank a glass of some lovely Spanish wine.)

(Not that the wine makes up for the coffee, though. I mean, SERIOUSLY.)

(Good news—I woke up anxiety stricken, so that was a decent caffeine substitute.)

(I think I might curl up in a ball on Satruday.)

(If I didn’t have to do school and work.)

So, um, cheers!

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So what do you if your boss winds up in the ER?

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So I got a call at 5:34pm this past Sunday from my boss’s boyfriend informing me that she was desperately ill and was in the hospital.

What a week.

I have never been so extraordinarily glad that it is Friday.

It wasn’t as if I was jumping in to a smooth sailing business and taking over–no…….

The owner and the only other employee other than myself had both been very sick the week before. We had been hoping that they would both be up to speed so I could catch my breath (and not whatever they both had) and have enough people to meet client demands.

So things were already kind of tatters work wise

And I was hosting a dinner party that night at 6pm.

I think there’s some kind of cosmic curse on dinner parties. (more…)

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Employee training + booze?

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I started a new job this week with The Purple Fig Cleaning Co. ( Long story, but as part of the manager position that I took, I’m cleaning houses. (yay exercise!) So today, I was at my new job training with the owner, Amanda.

Now, if you haven’t met Amanda, then this story won’t make as much sense–but to give you a little bit of help, Amanda is a red head. And she’s tiny. And extremely cool.

So, I accidentally scratched this enamel stove top with the back of a sponge, and I’m mentioning to Amanda that, as part of the training and procedural manual I’m writing, we should have a section on DON’TS.

DON’T mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

DON’T use vinegar on natural stone

Wow–that’s all I can think of. Not good… 🙂

This was Amanda’s reaction; her eyes lit up and she said, “Oh my GOD! We should totally make flash cards and quiz each other and….OH MY GOD, it can be part of our weekly happy hours AND WE SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE IT A DRINKING GAME WITH SHOTS!”

So, in honor of my first week at the Purple Fig….here is your Friday Fun Link.

Looking forward to trying out the “Ally McBeal” drinking game….

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